3 Tips to Keep Your Hair Sun Safe

3 Tips to Keep Your Hair Sun Safe

Applying sunscreen and avoiding time in the sun is the key to having healthy skin. The same applies to your hair as well. Sun can dry out the skin, so too can the sun cause excessive hair dryness and lead to extreme damage to the cuticle. Here are important tips you can follow to keep your hair protected:

Know Your Hair Type

One of the first steps in protecting your hair from the sun is to figure out what your hair type is. Certain types of hair are more susceptible to sun damage. Darker hair is far more protected from the sun, much like darker skin being more resilient to the sun. Hair texture plays a huge role in sun protection. Oily, moisturized hair is less likely to dry out than brittle, dry hair.

Go Easy on Your Hair!

To ensure a healthy head of hair, be careful not to overdo it when it comes to coloring treatments and blowouts. Additionally, even if you only treat your hair, still be careful with your hair! Fewer hair treatments put your hair at risk for sun damage. So always be diligent about keeping your hair protected.

Get Some Extra Help

So, you know your hair type and you’ve been careful to not go crazy with the salon treatments. Now what? For one, make sure to maintain your hair’s moisture levels. Dry, brittle hair is especially susceptible to heat damage. So when using the heated Hair Styler Pro, be sure to use it with a lower temperature and not to use it for extended time periods. If you want to give your hair an extra layer of sun protection, then look no further than our newly released, Hair Coconut Mask. The Coconut Oil in the product has a natural UV protection of SPF 8 and offers significant sun protection.