The Detangler
The Detangler
The Detangler
The Detangler
The Detangler

The Detangler

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  • Fully detangle in only minutes
  • Easy detangling without the pain
  • Flexes to reduce tension which prevents shedding
  • Great for all types of hair - Specially 4C

Easily detangle super kinky and coily Hair Types (3A – 4C) in just MINUTES!

The Detangler works with any and all hair types! From curly to kinky curly, and straight to super thick or even synthetic hair, this brush will work easily with and adapt to any hair type.

Look absolutely flawless with your naturally curly hair. Our company made it its mission to make it easy to go all-natural. Whether you have loose type 2 waves or super curly type 4 hair, The Detangler glides and flexes through those annoying knots to fully detangle your hair in minutes, you’ll never dread wash day again!

 There is a reason all our Salon partners across the states recommend our rated #1 Detangler to their Customers.

It Glides Through Like Butter
The Detangler glides through the hair like a gentle breeze

Here are just a handful of our 200,000+ Happy Customers!!

The Detangler is perfect for the tender-headed queens and their babies. Mammas out there love it. No tears on the Wash Days and cutting down detangling time in half are just some of the things we have heard time and time again.


"This brush is a miracle!

We received an amazing brush in the mail from Curltastic. Now detangling is no longer a painful chore!"
- Brittny Alicia  

The Unbreakable Brush 💪

The Detangler is extremely durable and won't snap like your wide-tooth comb!

The Detangler Key Benefits:
  • Confidence is key - Achieve professional salon-quality styling every time at home with the Detangler, so you can step out in confidence.

  • Pain-Free - "I'm a dad of 2 girls so I ordered 2 brushes. My girls aren't scared of washing their hair anymore, in fact, they use the brush THEMSELVES" - Daddy approves!! 💪🏽

  • Lose less hair - Our separated bristles evenly distribute pressure while brushing to minimize pulling resulting in less shedding and MUCH LESS PAIN!

  • Save Money - Now you can confidently skip that next salon appointment and just do your wash and go routine home with the Detangler.

  •  Detangle in half the time - “I washed my hair Monday and it took me half the time from Wash, condition, hair mayonnaise, rinsing, comb through and bantu knotted. I AM TELLING YOU THAT IS A HUGE WIN in my book. Whew! Thank you for this little secret weapon for my hair.💞 ” – Straight from our Facebook Reviews 

How to Use Your Detangler
  • Apply conditioner or wet hair with our 360 mist spray bottle before using (Recommended for type 4 hair) 

     The Detangler is flexible so it will bend with the curves in your hair to prevent any excess shedding.

  • Section hair and begin detangling from the ends working your way up to the roots. Let the separated bristles glide through your curls and detangle.

  • Brush hair while holding the Detangler in a vertical position

  • Then flip and brush again while holding the Detangler in a horizontal position

  • Enjoy smooth, shiny, and knotless hair once again with these simple steps

Package Contents

  • 1 x Curltastic Detangler

  • 1 x Bristle Locking Accessory

IMPORTANT: This is a popular item with limited inventory. We have some left in stock and they are available as of today: